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Liebe - Praise Highlights 2

Released January 2005

After her first praise collection 'grace' has already been a great success and appriciated by many listeners and worshippers, Anja Lehmann is now presenting a worthy sequel.

Titled 'love', the new CD is again a compilation of Anja's assorted favorites of all the worship songs she recorded over the past years. Most of them are sung in German.

About the title of this recent album Anja says: "When Gos's Spirit reveals GOD's true character to me, I get filled with such a freedom! To be loved unconditionally! I love how He reveals His sectets to me,how He integrates me and allows me to work with/for Him. I love to see how through Him sadness is turned into joy, how sick are being healed. I simply love to stand befor His holy throne and worship Him."